Hammons Flatland Farm

Meet our herders Sue and Jack.  Jack is still a pup but he's catching on to farm life well, with Sue's help.

Hammons Flatland Farm                                    Sylvania, GA

Chickens are fed FRESH feed ground using fresh crop grains from local farms whenever possible.. Feed is a fresh ground and mixed with a custom blend including available organic ingredients with no soy. This means NO low cost feed grain from long term storage that may have been treated frequently with insecticides and fungicides. Also the feed has no rendered animal or poultry bi-products. Instead Alfalfa, Flax and Seaweed are used to provide the supplemental ingredients needed., which also raises the level of Omega-3 . Instead of feeding arsenic, antibiotics and hormones to stimulate growth and egg production we use probiotics and fresh alfalfa or green pasture, when in season, for supplemental vitamin mineral intake. Our layer feed is "Vegetarian" but our chickens are not. They are allowed to forage on whatever bugs, worms and critters the pasture or barnyard provides.

The Layers get FRESH air and sunlight everyday! They are free – range and on pasture. No cage confinement with artificial ventilation or stagnant ammonia filled air and artificial lighting year around. Also water is from the farm well and is "not fooled around with" in any way. 

Ham Flatland Farm started raising chickens free–range in 2007 with only 20 layers. Soon an egg surplus developed and as folks have discovered our eggs the demand for eggs has steadily grown. We have increased to about 600 layers at present with 300 additional pullets on feed. Since these chickens live as natural as possible the egg production varies with the season and weather changes so please be patient when temporary shortages develop.

You can purchase our eggs at:
The Farmers Market at Forsythe Park, Savannah, Ga every Saturday 8am-1pm
The Farmers Market in Downtown Hinesville, GA every Thursday evening 4pm-8pm.

Look for more locations and dates to come soon.
Welcome to Ham Flatland Farm, Sylvania, GA.  We have been a family owned and run farm for over 150 years. We, James and Marilyn, took over operation of the farm in 2000 and have added naturally raised chickens and cows.  We believe that healthy soil makes healthy plants, which in turn make healthy animals and healthy people.  That's why we use no pesticides on our fields and no chemical fertilizers.  Our chickens and cows are free to roam the pastures and eat an all vegetarian  natural diet of grains, grasses and hay.  The chickens receive extra protein from the insects and worms they get from the pasture. 
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